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Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine's Special Studienkolleg Düsseldorf

February is the time in which one might be planning to make a special gift for a special person. We at Studienkolleg Düsseldorf are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special offer.

We’ll give everyone the opportunity to apply for one of our Intensive German Courses together with a friend. 2 students apply for the same course, but only pay one course fee!

How does the special look like?

  • the registration and payment period is between February 10th to 16th
  • 2 persons apply for the same intensive German course, but only pay one course fee for one course
  • you are free to choose one of the starting dates for your course, but it has to be within the year 2020
  • the special is valid for one course, meaning a total of 4 weeks*

*After 4 weeks you can continue with further courses, but each student has to pay normally on their own for each course

How to apply?

  1. Fill in your personal data in our Online Application for German Courses, and choose your course level and course beginning.
  2. Within the field “Do you have any questions” fill in the promotion code “Valentine’s Day” and the name of your chosen friend and his/her email adress.
  3. Afterwards you’ll recieve an invoice with your particular discount.

This and other campaigns cannot be combined with our other campaigns!

Further information about our German Courses can be found here.