Foundation Course M+T

Our combined Foundation Course M+T is intended for university applicants who are not yet sure whether they would prefer to study medicine, biology and pharmaceutics or rather technology, mathematics, natural sciences and engineering. They can take their time to make up their minds which specialization corresponds more closely to their personal interests and which Feststellungsprüfung they ultimately wish to take, M or T.

These timetables are preliminary and a change is possible at any time!

Written examinations Biology, German, Mathematics, Physics
Oral examination Chemistry
Course extent 2 Semester
Lesson 6 x 6 lessons per week
Course duration 38 weeks
Tuition fee 8.500 €
Entrance requirement German B2
German 12
Mathematics 6
Biology 6
Physics 6
Chemistry 6
Total 36

Winter Semester

Start 01.09.2019
End 31.01.2020

Sommer Semester

Start 01.02.2020
End 31.08.2020