German Evening Courses

What kind of people benefit from our German Evening Courses?

This course is beneficial for everyone, who wants to find a job in Germany or wants to enroll in a German university, but also wants to take part in activities, which rule out participation in a morning class. Taking one of our German Evening Courses to learn the German language makes it easy to integrate yourself into daily life in Germany.

What are the goals of a German Evening Course?

  • German A1: In this level students are going to learn how to use basic vocabulary to understand and form simple sentences.
  • German A2: Students, who take part in level A2 are going to learn how to communicate in daily life situations. Also students will learn how to describe their surroundings.
  • German B1: Level B1 is the last part of the basic education. In this level students will learn how to use advanced structures to express for example their personal interests.
  • German B2: While taking part in level B2 students learn how to describe and understand complex topics.
  • German C1: After finishing level C1 of the German language students are allowed to enroll in almost every major in German universities. Part of this course is to learn specific language skills, which are a requirement for scientific work at universities.

Dates of our courses

German Evening Course A1On request
German Evening Course A2On request
German Evening Course B101.09.2020-22.10.2020
German Evening Course B201.09.2020-22.10.2020
German Evening Course C101.09.2020-22.10.2020

Enrollment fee