Studying in Germany

Does my school-leaving certificate entitle me for studying in Germany?

Whether your school-leaving certificate entitles you for studying in Germany or whether you first need to fullfil additional requirements depends on which country you acquired your university entrance qualification, what type of school-leaving certificate you have and whether you have already completed a degree programme overseas.

Some countries’ school-leaving certificates are recognized by German universities, for other countries, certain minimum marks are required, for yet other countries, the university entrance qualification is not recognized in Germany, meaning that applicants need to enroll in a preparatory college, such as ours, before they can begin their degree programmes.

Further information on the recognition of foreign university entrance qualifications can be found in the Information Portal on the Recognition of Foreign Academic Qualifications (anabin) maintained by Germany’s Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs.

Which subjects can I study at which universities?

You can find information on all the degree programmes offered in Germany on the Higher Education Compass by the German Rectors’ Conference.

More detailed information on the admissions requirements and the admissions procedure for international applicants can then be found on the web presences of the individual universities.

How do I apply to a university?

At some universities, overseas students may apply directly. In those cases, detailed information on the application process and the deadlines can be found on the relevant university’s website.

For most universities, however, the applications of international students without a German university entrance qualification are handled by the Application Service for International Students uni-assist. Uni-assist will check whether your certificates and grades entitle you to study in Germany. The evaluation of your certificates and a preliminary check of your application documents cost 75 € for the first university applied to, 15 € for each additional university applied to.

Regarding all further questions that you may have, e. g. application deadlines at universities, we should be happy to advise you in a one-on-one discussion.

For a one-off fee, we would be happy to support you in identifying and applying for the perfect university place for you.