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Range of Services

In addition to the competent, comprehensive advisory with which we provide all our collegiate free of charge, we offer a range of services in collaboration with our partner companies LMT GmbH and Rhein Real Estate GmbH from which you can select your personal service package.

Visa Service: The registration fee of 450 €, which is mandatory for all non-EU applicants, comprises registration as a student at the Studienkolleg, entering all your personal data into our system, issuing the official registration confirmation that you need for your visa, as well as advice on and management of your visa application. This advice and management is necessary, because there are differences not only between the different countries of origin, but sometimes even between the individual German embassies and consulates within those countries. We are familiar with them all and can advise you early on.

Health and Personal Liability Insurance: We can arrange health and personal liability insurance for you for 480 € / year. You may already require health insurance when applying for your visa.

Accommodation: For a one-time fee of 590 € we will find a suitable apartment or a room in a shared flat for you.

Mobile Phone Contract: Upon request, our partner company LMT GmbH will provide you with a very cheap mobile phone contract tailored to your specific requirements

Application Service: We would be delighted to assist you in finding and applying for your desired study place for a one-off fee of € 590.

Relocation Service: After successfully applying for your desired study place, you will probably have to move from Düsseldorf to a different city. LMT GmbH specializes in student removals and offer fair tariffs, which depend upon the distance and the volume of goods to be moved.