German Course A2

German Course A2 is an intensive German course for beginners, who want to expand and improve on their basic language skills at level A1.

What will I learn in German Course A2?

On level A2, your German vocabulary will be improved still at a beginner level. You will learn to articulate slightly more precisely and be able to talk about simple matters and feelings of your own. Our qualified lecturers are teching in small groups, in order to be able to perform in-depth and individual language teaching. The intensive German course A2 will make you able to:

✓ conduct longer, yet simple conversations
✓ write simple messages or letters
✓ describe your personal life and working situation
✓ form and understand simple sentences

The German Course is a weekly intensive course with 25 lessons a week, in about 160 lessons. It will be the ideal preparation for level B1. The A2 German course includes German placement and final examination as well as a certificate of attendance.

By succeeding level A2, you will be able to enter the more advanced level B1.

When does the course take place?

You can start the course every month. At Studienkolleg Düsseldorf, we have the following dates for you:

Courses 2021Start Date 2021 End Date 2021
A2.1, A2.2 02. Nov. 202129. Nov. 2021
A2.1, A2.230. Nov. 202123. Dec. 2021
Courses 2022Start Date 2022End Date 2022
A2.1, A2.203. Jan. 202228. Jan. 2022
A2.1, A2.202. Feb. 202228. Feb. 2022
A2.1, A2.201. Mar. 202228. Mar. 2022
A2.1, A2.204. Apr. 202229. Apr. 2022
A2.1, A2.202. May 202230. May 2022
A2.1, A2.201. Jun. 202230. Jun. 2022
A2.1, A2.204. Jul. 202229. Jul. 2022
A2.1, A2.201. Aug. 202226. Aug. 2022
A2.1, A2.205. Sep. 202230. Sep. 2022
A2.1, A2.204. Okt. 202231. Okt. 2022
A2.1, A2.202. Nov. 202229. Nov. 2022
A2.1, A2.230. Nov. 202223. Dec. 2022
The dates apply to each German course of the level A2.1, A2.2.
The Start and Ending can vary depending on the peculiarities of the respective week, teachers or room capacity.

Vacation periods and public holidays in 2021: 1. November, 24. December until 2. January 2022.
Vacation periods and public holidays in 2022: 15. April, 18. April, 01. May, 26. May, 06. June, 16. June, 03. October, 01. November, 25. December, 26 December.

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Course extent about 18-20 lesson units per week
Course duration about 1 month
Fee 480 €
Enrollment fee 45 €
Enrollment It is possible to enter an already running course!