German Course A1

What will I learn in German Course A1?

Learning for level A1 means you are learning at a beginner level. The A1 German course teaches you to be able to…

✓ communicate in most every day situations
✓ ask for names, age or similar basic information
✓ fill in your name, address and other information
✓ send simple wishes on postcards etc.
✓ talk about experiences

In the German Language Course A1 you’ll learn to communicate for the every day situations and also use the simple grammar which is used the most in Germany.

✓ basic vocabulary and sentences
✓ Numbers (e.g. 1,2,3…)
✓ Preposition (e.g. auf, in, bis…)
✓ Singular and Plurar (e.g. der Stift, die Stifte…)

The German language course at the Studienkolleg Düsseldorf are taught in small groups. The teacher has time for each student and can answer all questions and problems individually and intensively. You’ll not only learn with the book but you’ll also receive additional digital learning material which you can use for the practicing.

The German Course A1 teaches you basic vocabulary and phrases of the German language. It is a beginner course and is for everyone who has never been taught any German at all.
The Level A1 is only the beginning. You will learn fast and will soon be able to enter our German A2 course to expand your vocabulary.

When does the course start?

You can find all possible starting dates for the German A1 Course in the table below:

Level A1Start DateEnd Date
2. Jan. 2024
5. Feb. 2024
26. Jan. 2024
29. Feb. 2024
4. Mar. 2024
2. Apr. 2024
28. Mar. 2024
30. Apr. 2024
2. May 2024
3. Jun. 2024
31. May 2024
28. Jun. 2024
1. Jul. 2024
29. Jul. 2024
26. Jul. 2024
23. Aug. 2024
2. Sep. 2024
1. Oct. 2024
27. Sep. 2024
29. Oct. 2024
30. Oct. 2024
27. Nov. 2024
26. Nov. 2024
20. Dec. 2024
The dates apply to each German course of the level A1.1, A1.2.
The Start and Ending can vary depending on the peculiarities of the respective week, teachers or room capacity.

Public Holidays in 2023: 01 January, 07 April, 10 April, 01 May, 18 May, 29 May, 08 June, 03 October, 01 November, 25 December, 26 December.

Public Holidays in 2024: 01 January, 23 March, 01 April, 01 May, 09 May, 20 May, 30 May, 03 October, 01 November, 25 December, 26 December.

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Course extent about 18-20 lesson units per week
Course duration about 1 month
Fee 495€
Enrollment fee 45€
Enrollment It is possible to enter a running course!