Private lessons (1 on 1/ 1 on 2)

Studienkolleg Düsseldorf Privatunterricht Einzelunterricht

By choosing our private lessons, you’ll take part in the most effective and intense kind of German course. You can choose between “1 on 1” or “1 on 2”, which means our teachers will either teach a single person or two persons at the same time. The topics of these courses depend on the personal skills and weaknesses of the student, so that the teachers focus on topics, that the student still needs to practice. By offering individually customizable time tables, students are able to plan their classes from level A1 to C1 in the most individual way possible.

In these kind of private lessons students will have plenty of opportunities to speak and practice their spoken German. This way, skills and weaknesses can be detected very quickly, so that learning successes are made especially fast.

Advantages of the private German lessons

✓ most intense kind of German course
✓ customized time table
✓ induvidually definable topics

✓ levels A1-C2


“1 on 1” “1 on 2”
From 1 unit49 Euro 35 Euro per person
From 10 units 45 Euro 30 Euro per person
From 25 units on request25 Euro per person

Since the Studienkolleg Düsseldorf is a language school as well, we’re very familiar with the concept of teaching German as a foreign language. By offering private lessons, we want to expand our range by the most intense and effective kind of language class.

If you’re interested in our private lessons, feel free contact us!